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OpenGL very interesting problem

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i have a doubt regarding my program in which open gl window becomes inactive after a certain time the code looks like this float c=0.1; int d=0; do { d++; if(d>100) exit(0); glColor3f(0,1,0); glBegin(GL_LINES); glVertex2d(c,c); glVertex2d(c+1,c+.4); glEnd(); SwapBuffers (hDC); system("dir"); c=c+.1; }while(1) initially lines are made but after some time , the opengl window i suppose becomes inactive window or so ...... actually it stops drawing lines anymore however the dir command executes at command prompt as the command prompt box continues to execute again and again,, but lines are not made what is the fault ???????? thanks in advance the interesting part is this when i debug my program , it does makes lines i.e performs its function completely but when i run it , it does the above problam (drawing lines only for some time) i am using dev c++ thanks in advance

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Your code is bizarre. Why do you have exit(0) in there?

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with the code as far as I see.
When d=101, the loop is suppose to terminate.
If there is some ill effect for calling system("dir"), I don't know.
Perhaps calling exit(0) is the problem or there is a combination of problems.

PS : if you want to render many lines, use a for loop.

float c=0.1;
int d=0, i;


for(i=0; i<100; i++)

SwapBuffers (hDC);


[Edited by - V-man on January 7, 2008 8:05:21 AM]

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I think your while loop messed up the window message loop. Try to put your drawing code inside the message loop instead of using your own while loop. This should solve your problem.

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