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[.net] Free graph drawing / layout controls?

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I figure I'll ask here, because people always seem to have crazy stuff up their sleeve. I'm looking for a control (or at least some code that will integrate with WinForms) to render a graph. I've actually got a directed acyclic graph, and I'd like to visualize it for users. There appear to be lots of libraries and controls for doing this, but they're all of the expensive variety. Looks like GLEE used to do what I want (and be free), but it turned into MSAGL, which is expensive. I could farm the work out to something like graphviz, but I want to get the actual layout back, not just an image. (So I can highlight parts of the graph based on user interaction). The yed stuff (yFiles) is good, but also expensive. The best free thing I've found so far is Netron, but that's dead code ... and their layout engine doesn't seem particularly good. I played with their sample app, and fed it incredibly simple graphs that it couldn't appear to handle at all. So... Does anyone know if there's some free (or at least cheap) library or control for this? Thanks!

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