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OpenGL placing terrains like tiles

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I dont know if this is truly opengl question but Its because I dont want this to be a bottleneck during rendering. I took the basics from http://www.videotutorialsrock.com/opengl_tutorial/terrain/text.php the sites tutorial originally used 2d array, I have moved it to a 1d array as it is faster and i plan to load a few different chunks. I also want to move it to vertex buffer objects but I am still learning so that will be next if i can get that to work. I was wondering what would be the way to make the terrain move. well that isnt correct. I plan to have 5 256x256 bmp textures loaded in as a terrain maps. I will then build them and put them in a display list. the textures have been draw so they can follow each other in any order. they are a type of track. I will build a level programmically with the camera moving and when one terrain ends another from the list is drawn. idea of the track so my questions is what is the best way to determine when the next track should be called. (I will do frustrum culling, or rather learn to implement it). I wont be moving the terrain, the player moves but I dont want to have the chunks in the world all the time just when the player is on/see's that chunk.

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