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Need some sane values for dimensions of worms style terrain

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HI, I'm doing some worms terrain, and I have a system to load a texture from a tga file, mix it with a pixmap, and turn it into a texture with transparency. This is done is c++ using OpenGL. I have some questions: Each time one section of the map gets damaged, the pixmap is reapplied to the image and a new texture is generated to replace the old one. Is this an efficient method of doing it? How large should I make each segment? Currently I've been experimenting with 64x64. The pixmap used for collision is the same dimensions, using 2 bits for each pixel, so I can support more than one type of pixel. (on, burned, off) What dimension should the grid of segments be? I'm considering 48x24. If I use 64x64 textures and pixmaps, this means the terrain uses about 20k per section, and the map will use 23mb of memory. I've been thinking about how to handle the large map image. I'm targeting modern hardware, but is this too large a memory footprint? Consider that I will also have an image for each body part of the critters doing the fighting. What resolutions should the game support? This makes a difference to the size of the level I need to create, how much I scale the sections of the map by, and the amount of memory I need. Thanks for any advice.

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