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[PhysX] Syncing PhysX/Novodex scenes over network

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I have a rough version of my network code working. Every so often I spam position and orientation data to the client. The client applies this information with setGlobalPosition and setGlobalOrientationQuat. Unfortunately, my prototype immediately crashes somewhere deep in the PhysX dll. If I comment out both of the set lines, the program runs fine (Albeit with no network synchronization) The PhysX docs say: "One should exercise restraint in making use of these (the setGlobal* ) methods." ... "When briefly moving dynamic actors, one should not: - Move actors into other actors, thus causing interpenetration (an invalid physical state) - Move an actor that is connected by a joint to another away from the other (thus causing joint error) - When moving jointed actors the joints' cached transform information is destroyed and recreated next frame; thus this call is expensive for jointed actors. " With my current solution, this cannot be guaranteed. Does anyone know if there's another way to manually correct object positions in PhysX? Kinematic actors look like they would work, but they don't look like what I need. Am I wrong on that? Also I know for client side prediction, rewinding time is important - is there a simple way to concisely store PhysX object state so I can rewind to them and apply them later? Thanks!

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