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Plane - Sphere Collision

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I'm writing a simple plane-sphere (triangles and vertices etc. come later) collision test: obj is the sphere: its radius: obj->r its position: obj->x its speed: obj->v (There are also values for force, rotation etc) tri is a triangle with 3 corner vectors a,b,c (a being origin) and normal n. bool PoolPhysics::planeCollision(ball *obj, triangle *tri){ // The signed distance from the plane. Tri->n is assumed to be normalized double nx = tri->n.dotProduct(obj->x) - tri->n.dotProduct(tri->a); // Check if there already is some penetration. if(nx < THRESH + obj->r) return true; // The relative speed to the plane double nv = tri->n.dotProduct(obj->v /*+ obj->force* this->timeSinceLastFrame / obj->m*/); // If the ball has not already collided we check if its moving away or parallell to the plane. if(nv >= 0) return false; // The estimated time for collision (does not consider acceleration) double t0 = (obj->r - nx)/(nv); // The program uses the timesincelastframe to do its calculations // If the estimated collision time is smaller than the frame time // the collision will occur within one frame, we do an extra calculation at t0. if(t0 < this->timeSinceLastFrame) this->timeSinceLastFrame = t0; return false; } And it works quite well i suppose but its far from perfect. Anyone got any ideas on how to make this a bit better. Any help would be much appreciated =)

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