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how to find tile-textures for terrain transitions

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hello, i was looking at this article http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article934.asp to implement terrain transistions. but what i did not understand is, how exactly do you find out which tile-texture you need. i know that the edges are stored in 4 bits and that the corners are stored in 4 bits. but that still sums up to 256 ddifferent possible combinations. should i really do a 256 long if () else if () else if () .... else () ? probably not! so what is the way to find out which texture i need for which bitmask of corners and edges?

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If you look at their pictures and read carefully you can use something similar to the following to figure out which transitions to use (I find hex easier with binary math):
// direction values

Using transition as your bit mask,

You would only need 4 ifs for the sides,
if need side then transition |= direction_value

And 4 for the corners
if need corner then transition |= direction_value

If we had east and southwest the hex would look something like 0x84.
If we had all 4 sides and no corners, the hex would look like 0x0f.

If your transition tiles are in an array sides[15] and corners[15] then you choose the tiles to draw by using a binary AND of 0x0f for the sides or 0xf0 along with a right shift for the corners on the final transition you received.

This system works very well if you use something like paint to generate a gray scale height map and allow this algorithm to fill in the transitions. A quick and easy way to generate large maps that aren't random with little effort and then fine tune them in your map editor.

Sorry if this isn't making sense, I am tired and really should have gone to bed and answered in the morning.

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