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Free moving objects, my head hurts :(

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Hi, I'm fairly new to game programing and I'm having trouble understanding something. I made a simple program which shows our solar system, with planets orbiting the sun. This wasn't too difficult, since each planet has a fixed point of rotation (the sun). Well now I'm trying to create a space ship which can be flown around the planets, I don't want the camera to move with the ship. The ship must be able move in a straight line forwards or backwards (ie. no need for strafing) and turn to face any direction. I guess to achieve this I need to figure out the new coordinates of the ship after every time it has moved (so that it doesn't end up pivoting around the same point) but I haven't the first idea where to start with this. Ive been Googling it for ages now :( Could someone throw me a bone??

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Original post by Zahlman
Euler integration.

And linear motion. More specifically in pseudo-code (I split up velocity into a vector component and a scalar component for simplicity):

// current position and orientation of ship in global frame
vec3 origin, heading;
// current speed of ship in units/seconds
float speed;
// time passed between two consecutive frames of animation in seconds
float dt;

origin += heading * speed * dt;
// re-orient heading vector (and potentially normalize), alter speed, etc.
// render ship at its new origin, looking at its new heading
// and loop

EDIT: The link at the top is just me googling for linear motion. The term is correct, but there most certainly are sources that explain these equations better.

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