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Tenacious Stu

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Hey Guys, Just thought I'd let you know about this new blog I'm writing entitled- 'I want to be a game designer'. I am currently 18 from England and applying for universities and the blog chronicles my journey as I try to make into the computer games industry. So far I have applied for computer games courses and have had a few interviews, which I talk about in the blog. I am writing it because, I want to help people in my position and also just to tell my story. I hope it is something people will be able to relate to and I also want to let people know about things I have learnt on the path so far, and wherever possible, offer advice on things such as What GSCE and A Level courses to look at choosing. These are all things I wanted advice on when I was making these decisions, but couldn't really get any help, and so I want to help others. I was hoping for your opinion on it, weather it is helpful or not. Also if you could get the message about this blog out to people who may be interested or seek advice, or just want to hear the story of my journey to becoming a game designer that would be great. Thanks For Reading, Tenacious Stu

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