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Stub Relief Map Shader

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Hi, I've been trying to get this temporary relief map shader working and it does for the most part... but there's a large annoyance whenever the camera's z value (set up so that it's also the z value in tangent space). What it looks like when you get closer is the whole texture gets smaller and eventually wraps around and inverts in both x/y direction.. The new 'relief map' part of the shader is as follows
	float depth = 0.4; //apparent depth of the texture

	float numsteps = 300.0; //large but just to reduce aliasing in the stub
	float stepsize = 1.0/numsteps; 

	float3 rayPos = float3(texCoords, 0.0f); //entry point for the ray

/* The following direction I'm iffy about, it works when z is larger than 1.6 making the relief map look correct. This is reflecting about the tangent plane I believe... */
	float3 rayDir = -vEyeVector/vEyeVector.z; //direction for the ray
	rayDir.z = 1.0f/depth;
	rayDir = normalize(rayDir);

	float3 rayEnd = rayPos + rayDir/rayDir.z; //ray hits the bottom boundary
	float delta = length(rayPos-rayEnd)/numsteps;

	float3 lastPos = rayPos;

	for (int i = 0; i < numsteps; i++) {
		float height = tex2D(heightmapTexture, rayPos.xy).r;
		if (rayPos.z > height)
		lastPos = rayPos;
		rayPos += delta*rayDir;

Is there something I'm missing? Can't seem to find any simple relief map code/help, maybe should just hop on and try cone mapping, but I'd like to learn the basics first. Thanks

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False alarm, passing in the wrong parameter to the code block for the camera's center position. Never underestimate quick and messy code!

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