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Get the ray in a plane vs. plane collision

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Hello. I got two planes defined by a vector3 and the distance from origo. If the planes collide they will collide in an infinite ray (e.g line). I can get the direction of the line by vector multiply both the vectors, but I still need one point on the "line". I wonder if anyone can explain how to get a single point on this line?. Best regards Friskuu.

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Sorry for the short reply... I'm at work.

Edit: What you want, mathematically speaking, is a point that is at distance 0 from both planes. The number is infinite (it's the line), but by defining one coordinate (e.g., x = 0) you can solve it.


Never mind my previous edit. I was in a hurry and didn't think things through.

Three intersecting planes define a point. A plane can be defined by a vector and a scalar (distance). You already have three vectors and two scalars. Define the third scalar to what suits you best.

Convert them to their implicit form (ax + ... = 0) and solve the system.

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