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D3DX API and textures

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Hello I can load static x files with pure directx and set texture using the device see: var ... TextureName: IDirect3DTexture9; with the function D3DXLoadTextureFromFile I can load it, and using the device... Direct3DDevice.SetTexture(0, TextureName); and to set the texture in other static .x file I'm using here: Direct3DDevice.SetTexture(0, nil); and after I'm using the same process again: Direct3DDevice.SetTexture(0, OtherTextureName); What is the best way to apply texture? Greets

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Provide texture info in your vertex :

struct Vertex
D3DXVECTOR3 Position; //x,y,z coords
float tu,tv; //Texture Coords for mapping

For a better idea, try

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