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collada and polylist

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im writing a loader for collada and ive just gotten to the "polylist"... to my understanding this is the indexbuffer... however im having some difficulties understanding how it works...

                <polylist count="2144" material="blinn3SG">
                    <input offset="0" semantic="VERTEX" source="#LOD3spShape-lib-vertices"/>
                    <input offset="1" semantic="NORMAL" source="#LOD3spShape-lib-normals"/>
                    <input offset="2" semantic="TEXCOORD" source="#LOD3spShape-lib-map1" set="0"/>
                    <vcount>4 4 4 4  """values removed""" </vcount>
                    <p>89 0 23 243 1 26 90 2 28 6 3 29 91 4 30 243 1 26 89 0 23 5 5 31 92 6 33 244 7 35 91 4 """values removed"""</p>

as u can see it gives a "vcount" of value between 3-5... shouldnt this be the number of vertices in a primitive? how would i know how to triangualte a primitive with 4 or 5 vertices?! also im unsure about the offset values... any help?

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ok i solved that problem by using triangulated collada models...

however now i got another problem... all the data arrays (position, normals, texcoord) have their own index in the index array... and somehow i have to convert this to normal data with one data array with vertex data and one indexbuffer...

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