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[4E6] Ponies in a Pinch

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Premise: Ponies are trapped in a messy stable - your job: clear the way to the grassy outside by rotating a bunch of haystacks. Cannot rotate haystacks that are not connected (by paths) to where the pony is currently. Pony just moves thru the paths, and always turns right. When in a dead-end, Pony turns back. There are in total x ponies in the stable, and you are guiding the first. If the first pony explodes, you guide the second, and so forth until all ponies are dead and it's game over. When one Pony get's out, all of the Ponies get out, and you get times that many points. X is to be decided, or perhaps per-level basis. Hazards: Avoid bombs! Aunt Margaret accidentally left some of her bombs in the stable, and when touched, THEY EXPLODE! When all of the ponies are dead, it's game over! Bonuses: Due to extreme circumstances (the mental pressure and stress of the ponies that resulted from the messy stable), there are crystallized rock salt deposits around the stable. White (or colorless) gives points, yellow makes a pony faster and gives double points to white crystal, light blue crystals make the pony withstand bombs for a limited time, dark blue crystals gives the player the ability to rotate any tile for a limited time, and purple crystals (very rare), give massive amounts of points (or possibly clone the pony and gives the player one more try if pony dies). Getting crystals is not mandatory per se: one can finish a level without them. They are simply bonuses. However, collected crystals can be used in other ways also: possibly in a between-levels shops, or on the main menu to "buy" extras (or mini-games?) or more levels. (or advance in the story?) Controls: Mouse controlled: point a haystackgroup/tile to select it, and click left to rotate clock-wise and right to rotate counter-clockwise. Rotations are also calculated, and affect the score of the level. (how? by dividing the end score with the number of rotations?) Early prototype Extremely early gameplay prototype screenshot. I will experiment gameplay mechanics with this prototype, before coding a completely new engine/game.

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