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Hi, I have a question regarding the debug pixel feature in PIX. I'm rendering a scene using D3D10 and then capturing a frame in PIX. I then select a pixel in the rendered image in PIX and select Debug Pixel from the context menu. This opens up the Pixel History for this pixel. However, it doesn't appear to show all the history. Something is missing. The history first shows the initial framebuffer value, which is pure black. Then after this, the next history event is the ID3D10Device::ClearRenderTargetView event, which clears the backbuffer to a dark blue colour. So far so good, but then it gets strange. After clearing the back buffer, I then render a green triangle. However this event is not displayed in the history. Instead, the sky rendering event is displayed. This is where I render a light blue sky dome. This is the last thing I render and since it is behind the green triangle, PIX informs me that the pixel was eliminated since it failed the depth test, which is correct. Finally, the history shows me the final framebuffer value, which is a green colour. However, no where in the history does it display the event that made this pixel green. So just to recap... the pixel starts black and finish green. However PIX shows the pixel history as: 1. Initial pixel colour = black 2. Clear render target = dark blue 3. Render light blue sky pixel (which is rejected) 4. Final pixel colour = green See the problem? Where is the history for the green pixel being rendered to the frame buffer. This problem isn't isolated to just one pixel either. My entire rendered frame seems to suffer from this problem in some way. Anyone ever seen this before and know what is going on?

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