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3D package + 4h courses for $ 39, wow

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hey there! I am normally not very inclined to make advrtisement for anybody, leave alone doing it for free. But I just received an e-mail from Caligary, announcing that they now have a "3D starter kit" to offer, comprised of their somewhat dated version of TrueSpace, namely 5.2, which costed ~ $200,-US a week or so ago, plus 4 hours of modeling course videos that costed ~ $160. This together for just $39,- US. click here So, if you're new to 3D modelling and are looking for software, you could check this out. I think you can still download the demo of TrueSpace 5.2 (if not, it could be around somewhere else on the net), although I think without some sort of tutorials/courses you would not see very quickly the potential of this software, since unlike 3DSMAX, lots of the interface is somewhat "hidden" at first. When TrueSpace 5.2. was new, it cost about $600. Now they have version 7.1, but you can still do great stuff with 5.2, so I think this offer is hardly beatable for the value. I mean, it costs hardly more than milkshape, lol. I do not obtain any money from Caligary, btw :P [grin] I just thought for beginners who don't have lots of $$$, this could be a great opportunity, for, you can do so much more with TS5.2 than with packages that lie "natively" in that price range, if you know what I mean. Note that on the web page it says "TrueSpace 5", while in the newsletter I received, they say the kit ships with TrueSpace 5.2. I don't know who's wrong ^^ [EDIT: haha, they actually say both in the same text, maybe it's just being imprecise in some places.] So, you might give it a go. Cheers, unshaven

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