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How would someone start out for game art?

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It would be helpful if you said more concisely what you mean by "some kind of artistic thingy for games". Do you want to do 2d art for games? Do you want to do 3d art for games?
From what it sounds like, you're interested in 2d art so I'm going to work under that assumption.

For doing 2d art on the computer, you have to do 2d art off the computer first, and hopefully you're good at it. I highly recommend taking art classes, any kind of art classes you can find. You can't not take art classes unless you want to go through a lot of pain for no reason. You can't just "teach yourself" unless you want to spend 10 years doing it, so I recommend learning all the beginner mistakes from people who have already made them.

If you hate drawing people or landscapes or something, draw that thing you hate to draw. If you only draw anime or something, draw not-anime. You'll learn more by confronting those areas you find difficult and you're going to have to draw them anyway, so there's no point in avoiding it unless you like being frustrated. To speak for myself, I avoided drawing people for a long time and I'm still paying for it.

Now that you'redrawing outside your comfort zone, hopefully taking or have taken some drawing and painting classes, and you're doing a lot of art in general, we can talk about digital art.

To do art on the computer you pretty much need some kind of graphics tablet which allows you to transfer your analog skills to digital form, and you'll probably want Photoshop, or something like it. These are expensive but pretty much essential unless you're just doing some small-scale pixel-art.

From there, I'd suggest you look up and read everything you can about digital painting and pixel art . Practice and mix these styles, do hard line art and painterly styles, push pixels and use virtual brushes. And remember that what looks good in a picture is not the same as what works as a game graphic, you have to have some knowledge of how graphics are implemented in games to effectively make them for games -- look inside games resources and see how graphics are stored and structured.

And hey, you can be going through this whole process of learning in the course of doing a project. Just remember that you're only going to learn by doing it.

That's my general answer as I see it.
Did you have a more specific question? And it would be easier to give advice if you explained where you are in life -- are you in highschool or something looking toward a career in digital art, or have you graduated? Have you done much art before?

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