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Thang Global

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Well, This post is here to pronounce our lovely thang global. This game include good activity, awesome graphics, and in my opinion the best MMORPG on the internet. Iv'e played this game for around 3 year's , sad to say you usually give up a game in 2 month's. And to this day i still cannot give it up. It's a very interesting game with awesome fun community, and weapon armour upgrade's as well. (My Favorite in Game's Is UpGradeing Gear's) Well announcing this game has been around for a bit, nothing can beat it. No optimus spamming, ingnorant loser's being there normal lifeless self beacause, we have Guardians that can kick ban and mute from the game. FREE- Don't forget, this game is 100% free and easy to download. So if you have any spare time to try anohter game, give this one a whirl. I am Guillitone and Serabi in this game and if anyone need's any helping gettign started you have my name's. And if you ned to reach me otherwise my email addy is Feel free to email me at any time as i will respond to your mail as soon as i get it. Below are URL's to the official site and download. Game Website: Game Download: Happy Gameing All! RiaVal

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