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XSI Mod Tool Exporter Creation

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I want to create my own exporter for XSI Mod Tool that I can integrate into my game, but I don't know how to start as the XSISDK help files don't seem to give any ideas. I tried going to the plug-in manager and clicking new Empty-Plugin. It gives me a cpp file with a couple lines of code but it doesn't seem to have any method to compile it. Any help on this or exporter creation in general would be appreciated.

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The following is my original response:


Working with the XSISDK is a pain, you have to properly set your library and header path and define the following macros: __XSI_PLUGIN, XSI_STATIC_LINK, __XSI_PLUGIN__.

You have to link against at least the following libraries: sicoresdk.lib sicppsdk.lib.

Then you have to write the a function named XSILoadPlugin which loads your plugin, registers properties, menu items and such, then there are other functions you need to define in order to build the layout of your plugin window, and some kind of message pump to handle button interaction.

It takes a while to wrap your head around it, I sugest you take a look at the Export example under the XSISDK directory.

Actually, you don't seem to get the SDK with the Mod Tool, I see the documentation for it but there are no headers, libraries, or the examples for that matter, you could get it with the Foundation Trial though I have no idea if the Mod Tool can handle standard XSI plugins.

You may want to write your exporters as VBscript, javascript, C# or Python scripts instead.

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