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Redundant code in switch statement

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I have a switch statement that checks a char and assigns a certain value to value Here is the code for the first two letters:
		case 'A':
			value = FREQ_A;
		case 'B':
			value = FREQ_B;

Is there another way that doesn't require 26 total case statements, one for each letter?

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Original post by justcallmedrago
Original post by SiCrane
Yes. However, the best way to do this depends on the nature of the FREQ_* values.

They are random float values ( to be exact.)
If the 'key' values are contiguous, you can use an array that maps keys to values. Whether or not they are contiguous, you can use a map (e.g. std::map).

In your example, the keys appear to be contiguous integers. However, I'd probably use a map anyway, as it makes fewer assumptions about the input values, and avoids the trouble of computing the proper indices.

Using a map along with the Boost Assignment library, it might look something like this:

#include <map>
#include <boost/assign/list_of.hpp>

// ...

typedef std::map<char, float> map_t;

map_t my_map = boost::assign::map_list_of
('A', 1.f)('B', 2.f)('C', 3.f) /* and so on */;

// ...

value = my_map[some_char];

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