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Videocards (DeckLink, dpsReality..)

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Hi, we have some machins with a RGB-Monitor that's connected via Videocard (DeckLink and dpsReality). Does anyone know, how I can display an Image on this Monitor? (It's not usable as a normal monitor in Windows, and it's not connected to the Graphiccard.. It uses a n the special Videocard). In a Programm called "Fusion" it's possible to display sequences etc on this Monitor.. I asked them how they did it, and they said "We are using the SDK we got from DPS many years ago".. they gave me some contact adresses etc, but.. since the company had many buy-outs the last year, noone in the current company have the SDK... :( So, I need a way to display my images to this Monitor, but have no idea how to do this :( And... even if I get this SDK somehow.. I'd need a SDK for EVERY Videocard, right? Isn't there a way to support all cards at once? Don't they have any common interface? Help~~ Aya

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This is no different from any other hardware component in a computer - you need a driver.

Each piece of hardware uses its own, proprietary instruction set. OS usually makes it simple by providing standard interface for certain hardware types (graphic cards, sound cards, storage devices).

The general compatibility between today's hardware is quite decent. ATI provides universal drivers for all of its cards, and even without them, you can use the cards at basic level.

With your proprietary hardware, it could be anything. You'll either need to get the hardware specs and write the driver yourself, get the Windows driver, or get a library that communicates with the card.

It doesn't matter which OS you use - unless the card is XYZ-compatible, and you have XYZ drivers, then it's just a piece of silicon sitting in your machine.

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Original post by AyaKoshigaya
Thanks for your answer :)

I know that, without any driver etc I can't access the card, but I thought, maybe there's a lib or something out there for videocards.. :)


There is. It's called a driver. Under windows, all video card drivers share basic common API. On top of that, they may provide additional, again standardized, functionality (OpenGL, DirectX).

There are also basic drivers. VGA and VESA, for example. If your card is compatible with those, generic VGA or VESA drivers should work.

But there is no "a video card library", because there is no "a video card". Video cards in general have only two things in common - they are made of silicon, and they are called "video cards". All similarity however ends here.

10-20 years ago, before heavily standardized interfaces became the norm, graphics cards required a library for each version of each application(!).

Then, Windows did the right thing, and started pushing standardized interfaces. While some were available and used well before then, this was when mainstream hardware became truly interchangeable.

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