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[.net] DevIL .NET not displaying .tga file

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Well I downloaded DevIL .NET to use for displaying images in the map editor I'm currently writing, and it worked great at first - it would load and display anything I wanted, wherever I wanted it, including .tga's with alpha channels. Now, however, any .tga file with an alpha channel gets displayed as the error image (that little x in a box). I looked at the samples that come with the library and the only difference I can see between my code and his is that his picture box is created in the form, whereas mine is created dynamically through code. Relevant code follows:
if (file.ShowDialog() == DialogRestult.OK)
PictureBox picTile = new PictureBox();
picTile.ImageLocation = file.FileName;
picTile.Width = pnlTiles.Width - 17;
picTile.Height = pnlTiles.Width - 17;
picTile.Top = pnlTiles.Controls.Count * pnlTiles.Width;
picTile.MouseClick += new MouseEventHandler(picTile_Click);
picTile.Image = DevIL.DevIL.LoadBitmap(file.FileName);
if (ofd.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
				m_bmp = DevIL.DevIL.LoadBitmap(ofd.FileName);
				if (m_bmp != null)
					pictureBox.Image = m_bmp;
I tried loading the file to a bitmap first, as he does, but I got the same error (interestingly, m_bmp is not null). The only obvious source of error is that the loaded bitmap's Bitmap.StaticMembers.defaultTransparentColor says "the pointer is invalid" when I look at it in the debugger. Any help would be most appreciated - the project will be done once I get this to work.

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