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Esenthel Engine - Advanced 3D Game Engine available

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Hello, I have recently released publicly Esenthel Engine (free for non-commercial use), it's an advanced 3d game engine. You can download it from here http://www.esenthel.com/en/download.html The package contains step by step installation, documentation, tutorials and tools. This is the full list of features: 1. Key features simplicity speed stability visual effects physics constantly evolving tons of useful functions 2. Detailed features AI pathfinding (2d polygon based) Animation System skeletal keyframed blending events highly compatible (one humanoid animation works on all humanoid skeletons) Camera support of 4 cameras - Fpp, Tpp, Isometric, Custom camera effects - quake, dizzyness automatic frustum calculation for geometry culling Geometry calculating surface area, volume, distance between, multiple transform operations (moving, rotating, scaling, transforming by matrix), basic collision detection, drawing of plane point (2d/3d) edge (2d/3d) triangle (2d/3d) quad (2d/3d) rectangle box oriented box circle sphere capsule tube torus cone pyramid Graphics color rgb, hue, brightness, opacity, inverse, adding, lerping gamma calibration 4:3, 5:4, 16:9, 16:10 or custom screen aspect support shader model 2.0, 3.0 supported vertex buffering for simple graphics drawing (images, gui elements, geometry objects, ...) anisotropic filtering, mip-mapping, synchronization, windowed / fullscreen screenshot taking font drawing with shadows textures supported L8, A8, A8L8, X8R8G8B8, A8R8G8B8, DXT3, DXT5, ... texture lock, unlock, crop, blur, downsample, pixel set, get bump to normal map conversion importing bmp, png, jpg, tga, dds point, directional, cone lights occlusion query support particle system (based on a single shape, or animated skeleton) viewports, rendertargets smooth fading between screens 2d effects - subtitles, ripple, fade using fade texture GUI custom GUI, with support of - button, checkbox, combobox, context menu, desktop, amplitude bar, custom element, image, tabs, text, viewport, list, progress bar, region, slidebar, textline, window, window IO file/dir selection Input keyboard, mouse, joypads detecting key states, key pushes, key releases, key double clicks, and key combos mouse rectangle clipping, driver disabling, hardware pointer IO custom file object class, with support of reading & writing - binary, text, xml files, from memory, file or file inside file wth data encryption detecting file / directory information, file / directory searching, file / directory creating / deleting, operating on all files inside directory data packing to one big PAK file (keeps directories structure, automatically sorts files for faster accessing) drives detection (hdd, cd..) Mathematics math operations - minimum, maximum, average, abs, saturate, sign, trunc, round, ceil, floor, frac, align, sqr, cube, sqrt, cbrt, pow, ln, log2, sin, cos, sincos, tan, ctan, acos, asin, atan, angle, linear interpolation, hermite interpolation, power interpolation, equation solving of 0th, 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree vector (2d, 3d, 4d float & int) operations - add, subtract, multiply, divide, change sign, abs, minimum component, maximum component, minimum index, maximum index, normalize, length, length^2, set length, dot product, cross product, perpendicular, comparing, epsilon comparing, matrix transforming matrix (3x3, 4x3, 4x4) operations - moving, scaling, rotating, multiplying, inversion, from quaternion 512-bit precision integer / float operations - add, sub, mul, div, mod, sqr, sqrt calculator function (calculates given strings for example "sin(2*x) + dot(vec(1,2,3),vec(4,5,6)) + 15*(1+2*pow(x,y))" to int, float or vectors) Mesh vertexes (position, normal, tangent, binormal, tex0, tex1, matrix index, blend weights, size, duplicate index) edges (vertex index, adjacent face, normal, flag, id) triangles (vertex index, adjacent face, adjacent edge, normal, flag, id) quads (vertex index, adjacent face, adjacent edge, normal, flag, id) automatic uv mapping transforming (moving, scaling, matrix transforming), reversing, mirroring correct normal, tangent, binormal calculation vertex welding, edge welding, edge subdividing, face subdividing joining, spliting, duplicating linking vertex->vertex neighbour, vertex->edge, edge->face, rectangle->edge convert triangle to quads, quads to triangles, edges to polygons logical operations on 2d / 3d meshes (or, and, xor, sub..) - BETA add/remove vertex / edge / triangle / quad optimize (remove inline vertexes, faces, vertex cache) binary/text custom format, importing 3ds, ase, obj, wrl, x, xml (igame/3dxi) Memory zero, copy, is copy, list copy, set byte value, comparing, swapping, copy aligned data (8to32, 16to32, 24to32, 32to8, 32to16, 32to24), encrypting, decrypting, allocating, reallocating memory handlers working on any defined structure (list based, block based) cache for storing dynamic loaded data (meshes, materials, textures, animations, skeletons or any custom data) with name sort for faster access times, and ability to load files in local or global path sorting custom structures with custom comparing function Miscellaneous game config file support cpu detection (mmx, 3dnow, sse, sse2, sse3, number of cores) state manager custom randomizing unit creating random ints, floats, probability correct vector directions, points (on surface or inside) sphere, box, capsule, tube, edge, circle, rectangle. log file support clipboard get / set text values detecting system language custom string operations (case up, case down, add, length, compare, path compare, starts with, contains, contains words, replace, get extension, get not extension, get path, get base name, string<->int, string<->binary, string<->hex, string<->real, string<->vector) timer support - frame time, current time, frames per second date & time operations - differences between 2 dates in seconds, seconds from 1 Jan 0 AD 00:00:00 (leap years support included) OS windows minimize, maximize, activate, move, get parent, get focused drag & drop support with custom provided function data de/compression Network downloading file from url address Physics (thanks to PhysX) rigid body collision detection rag dolls character controllers actors - sphere, capsule, box, oriented box, convex, triangle based (static only) joints - fixed, hinge, sphere, prism, breakables calculating actor position, matrix, velocity, angular velocity, energy, mass, damping Shaders flat, normal, parallax, relief bump mapping reflection / environment maps dynamic light maps light blooming glow hdr + eye adaptation motion blur per pixel lighting stencil shadows (soft & hard) shadow mapping (soft & hard) volumetric lighting soft particles fire, water, fur, fog, sky effects gui effects Sound 1d/3d, streamed wav / ogg, from file or memory custom volume groups (sound fx, voice, music, ambient, global) music and ambient systems play random tracks from given theme (set of tracks), with crossfading support Threading process management simplified threading separate threads for game updating, physics calculating, rendering, sound processing

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