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Tool / Status messages in Win32 (C++)

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I'm programming an application in Visual C++ / Win32 and one thing I'm confused about is how I can post information in the status bar of a window when the mouse hovers over a toolbar button. I have no problems with tooltips though. At first I counted on processing the TTN_SHOW and TTN_POP messages and loaded the appropriate string into the status bar when I get these, but it doesn't work well in some cases. I've also tried using TBN_HOTITEMCHANGE which works immediately and very well, but doesn't seem to handle the mouse moving off of a disabled button since I don't get any special notifications when this happens... maybe I could check if a control is disabled first, and then process something from there. I've noticed that in a lot of other applications, when the mouse hovers over a toolbar or rebar button, the status bar waits a split second before posting the information, then a little bit later the tooltip shows up. Is there a special message I'm not catching? Maybe this only works with rebar controls instead of toolbars?

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