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SDL Datafiles?

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The short answer is no, not really. Consider using an additional library like PhysFS.

The long answer is that SDL (and some SDL add-on libraries like SDL_Image and SDL_Mixer) uses a structure called SDL_RWops to abstract away access to and from arbitrary resource locations such as files, memory structures or other resource systems. It contains a number of function pointers and bookkeeping information that can be filled in to allow SDL functions like SDL_LoadBMP_RW() to read from any resource location. However, by itself, SDL only can create SDL_RWops structures that interface with files and memory blocks. To use SDL_RWops to interface with other resources you need to either write the code to read the resource into memory and then use SDL_RWFromMem() to access that memory or use the undocumented function pointer information to access the resource directly. In general, it's more convenient to use a library like PhysFS that's already done the work of translating reading from resources to a form that SDL can work with.

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