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Books,sites, everything

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Hi there! I'm new to the C++ Game programming and I want to ask You what things would help me develop my skills and actually participate in a project. Thank You

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Your post is extremly general, and you describe pretty much what this whole site is about, so i would recommend having a browse around, read a few pages and familiarise yourself.

I would also have a look at the sticky at the top of this forum, i think it will give you the start your looking for. Maybe it will lead you on to ask some more specific questions the GameDev community might be able to help you with.

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Nothing will beat buying a book and having a physical copy but I had a good knnowledge of the syntax before doing this, It helps to know how to code in the language a bit before you learn how to program using that languag.

Performing a google search for C++ tutorials should throw up some good sites. I'm guesing your want to start making games. my first 5 programs were all console based.
1) Hello world very simple don't move on untill you can write this program on your own and I don't mean just write from memory, know why each line of code is in the source.
2) A calculator Will make use of varible, functions and control statements (loops)
3) A scintific caculator will teach you a valuble skill in using C++ libaries (#include files).
4) You first game should be text based I recomend a simple multiple choice quiz, followed by a simple text game most people go for a RPG (this simple game should be where you start making use of Objects.
5) Your first charactor based game using just text in the console window it is posible to program a simple graphical game foor example my first such game looked like this

# #
# # #

Y = player
# = walls
$ = finish

From there the decision is upto you I went on to OpenGL but I'd recomend making some more addvanced console apps first. Then use lazyfoo's SDL tutorial to produce some 2D games after which move to OpenGL. Anothe Option over SDL and OpenGL is DirectX.

My recomended internet resources
C++ Cplusplus.com Cprogramming
SDL Lazy Foo's
OpenGl/Glut OpengL video Tutorial
Win32 DirectX tutorials Lesons 1-4 under win32 basics are true for most windows games.
OpenGL NeHe

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