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physX actor from .xfile with rotation

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hello, i need a physX actor to use for my moving stuff like items ... now i gave up to use complex meshes and use only ageia boxes which works very good. i have a ID3DXMesh* and a 1) local box 2) its rotate/translate/scale matrix now to create a AgeiaBox i first need the half-length / half width/ half height of the box so i compute this by:: D3DXVECTOR3 minVec; minVec.x = minBox.maxPt.x -; minVec.y = minBox.maxPt.y -; minVec.z = minBox.maxPt.z -; minBox is the local box with a minPoint a maxPoint and a center function after this i have the required stats but since my model is scaled and rotated i ahve to do this with my box too. So i do this: D3DXVec3TransformCoord(&minVec, &minVec, &this->GetScaleRotate()); i multiply the vector with my rotate*scale matrix. Now if my rotation is 0/0/0 this works perfect but if its e.g. 90/0/0 everything is messed up and i dont know why. The last step i do is: actorDesc.globalPose.t = NxVec3(baseMesh->pos.x, baseMesh->pos.y, baseMesh->pos.z); to give Ageia the global pos of my ID3DXMesh* in world space. It must be a rotation problem. If i have a box with e.g. length 2 height 1 and width 1 then, and if i dont use ageia and just draw ith with a 90/0/0 rotation it looks like this: --------- --------- --------- now if i give ageia the box and apply the rotation to it and later when i draw it receive the rotation matrix from ageia it looks like this: ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- it rotates around althought both times i use the same rotation, and i dont know why. Thx for any help

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