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Creating a msdev wizard...

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Hi Gamedev, For some reason, I've decided that building a custom wizard to set up my projects would save me time :) (I'm currently using Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008) I'm almost done, except for a few snags. 1. When enter is pressed in the textarea field, the form interprets it as pressing the "finish" button. Is there a way to fix this? 2. Since javascript is a weak-typed language, I'm having trouble determining how to handle the object returned by wizard.FindSymbol( "textarea_classes" ); ("textarea_classes" being the "id" field of the textarea.) Does it return a string object, an array of strings, or some other object? 3. I've tried looking for a way to configure the "Configuration Properties->General" members in setting up the project. I can't seem to find where to configure it. All I need to change is "Command" and "Working Directory." * Oh, and finding documentation on this stuff has been a !@#$% in my experience. Thanks, _fastcall

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