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John Foberg

Recommendations for C# literature & IDE's?

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Based on what I've read extensively here plus feedback I'll be focusing on C# I'll continue reading and practicing C++ but C# will take precedence. From the Resources page for begineers I got this: Beginning 3D Game Programming by Tom Miller I found this after some searching and appears relevant and similar to the "C++ through game programming" book I'm currently using: Beginning C# Game Programming by Ron Penton I'd appreciate any recommendations on C# literature to use on a self-taught program. Also, Im using the free Bloodshed Dev-C++, Microsoft Visual C++ Express, Microsoft Visual C# IDE's. Any other recommendations for free IDE's for C#? Thanks kindly. The people in this forum have been extremely helpful and it's great reading the posts here--even the 'friendly' arguments..

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Thanks for the feedback Telastyn. Some of your posts and the discussions that followed are what prompted me to evaluate switching my curriclum from C++ to C#.

The O'Reilly seems like definite must.

After some time searching the forums and other sites I've compiled these as my primary reading:

Head First C#, Brain Friendly Guide
by Greene & Steelman

Programming in the Key of C#
by Charles Petzold
Coincidence the gentleman went to Steven's Institute back in the 70's. I graduated there with a BS Mechanical ENgineering in early 90's (I went to college a bit late ;)

Beginning C# Game Programming
by Ron Penton
Want something that will offer game specific examples and promote thinking in gaming terms.

I think thats enough to get me started, good thing Borders Books is on my way on Broadway in Manhattan and they have two in stock.

I'll continue reading my C++ books when I need a change.

Free IDE 's: personality-wise I always like to try out different tools, regardless if I have the ultimate swiss army knife already. I have MSCV# installed in use and it will be primary but I'll browse the forums and see what else has gotten thumbs up.

Thanks, JF

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