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Graphics for 2D tile-based game? (C++)

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Hello, I wonder what graphics are mostly used when making a 2D tiled-based game, what for rectangular and for isometric games? SDL, OpenGL or what? What does this games use? I'm just curious, thanks for replys :) bless everyone!

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Thanks for replys, anyone else got a clue?
Another question, what do you think would work greatest to make a game like this?

By the way, you could post some nice tutorials for the graphic also.

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There isn't a 'perfect' way of creating graphics, some are more easy then another. Some are more optimized, others are for quick prototyping, I would suggest to get familiar with a couple of them. As for the tutorials, if you want good DX support, buy a book. For SDL:

Good luck ;-)


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So when I'm done studying the basics, should I use DirectX or OpenGL instead of SDL?
I saw that SDL is using stuff from OpenGL and DirectX libraries too.
Should it be DirextX, DirectX 3D (heard that it could be used to make 2D games also) or Direct Draw(used only for 2D games i think)?
Or should I use OpenGL or SDL?
I've heard good stuff about SDL, but DirectX and OpenGL sounds kinda hard to me, but it's also more populair too, or?

So could you please tell me about all libraries? advantages, disadvantages and your opinion about each one, when it should be used for a 2D mmorpg, please.
DirectX: ?
DirectX 3D: ?
DirectDraw: ?
OpenGL: ?
SDL: ?

My goal in programming is to make a mmorpg, just like Tibia or Phobos.
If it's like Tibia, what should I use then?
If it's like Phobos, what should I use then? (Heard that Phobos using some 3D too, right? but would it be too much hard work if I did? Don't know yet, but as I see it now I would be fine without, but what functions(?) could I do with 3D in a 2D game then?)

I'm a very curious man, and got a lot of dreams wich I wish came true :)
So please help me with my questions as much as you can, the more the more happy I will be :D
Please, tell your opinions about my goal too.

I'm very thankful for replies :)
Bless to everyone!

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