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Reading FP32 files with C++

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Hi! I want to read in a binary file which stores a N x N heightmap as stream of 32Bit floating point numbers. Every floating point number in the file is one height of the terrain. I tried the following:
FLOAT*    heightData; 
std::ifstream heightmapStream(str.c_str(), std::ios::binary); 
heightmapStream.seekg(0, std::ios::end); 
UINT vertexCount = heightmapStream.tellg(); 
vertexCount /= 4; 
heightmapStream.seekg(0, std::ios::beg); 

// Load height data 
heightData = new FLOAT[vertexCount]; 
heightmapStream.read( (char*)heightData, vertexCount*4); 
I open the file in binary modus, read the number of bytes and divide this number by 4 (because each height is 4 bytes long). Then I just read the whole file with read() by casting the float array heightData to a char*. Since I have some strange bugs in my application I am not sure if this is the right way. Thanks for help

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Why is FLOAT in upper-case?

Also, if you want to be a bit safer, you should use 'sizeof(FLOAT)' instead of '4'. Or at least add a static assertion that 'sizeof(FLOAT)==4'.

[EDIT]Ignore the following line. std::ios::in isn't actually necessary...
>>"std::ios::binary" should probably be "std::ios::in | std::ios::binary".

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