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declaring skybox

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how do i declare m_skybox.Initialize(); in the header file? it wont let me have '.' tokens and wants a primary expression before them in the .cpp file so i made a new class for skybox class m_skybox { should i have 'public:' here? or private? m_skybox(); ~m_skybox(); // now i want to declare .Initialize() so.. m_skybox.Initialize(); // but that doesnt work. by having this class it declares the skybox but i do not know how to have .Initailize(); in the header without need primary expressions before the '.' token in the .cpp file.

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First off, your expression for the Initialize() method is trying to make a call to that method within the class definition when you are wanting to define it. While I disagree with your naming conventions and the whole bit, I have reworked this below as a full class definition and followed it up with the code to implement the Initialize method.

class m_skybox
// Que 1: Should I have 'public' here or 'private'
// Ans 1: As you only have one constructor this should be public

virtual ~m_skybox();

// now i want to declare .Initialize() so..
void Initialize( void );

//Now if you want to actually implement the Initialize function...
// (notice it is outside the class declaration)
void m_skybox::Initialize( void )

// and after you have created an object of type m_skybox you call it this
// way for a declaration on the stack (ex. within your main)
m_skybox variableName;

Ok, with that out of the way I HIGHLY recommend you review online articles or purchase a book on C++ development particularly as it pretains to object oriented programming as I can see by your questions and implementation that you do not fully understand how to declare, implement and use the class you are attempting to write. You could just copy/paste this code into your application and it would work as-is but without understanding of object-oriented programming as a whole this really won't make a whole lot of sense.

Best of luck!

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i also included int main() before m_skybox variableName; so that varaibleName.Initialize works without error in the header file.

but it just takes me back to needing a primary expression in the .cpp file.

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