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reconstruction 3d pixel position from depth

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hi, I want to reconstruct a pixel's 3D position from its depth value. I already read this thread but somehow my reconstruction doesn't yet work. could anyone take a look at my code please? I added as many comments as possible to make reading easier. I guess the crucial part is the deferred shader where I apply my reconstruction.
// PASS 1

DepthVertexOutput DepthViewVertexShader( appdata IN )
    DepthVertexOutput OUT = ( DepthVertexOutput ) 0;
    float4 Po = float4( IN.Position.xyz, 1 );
    float4 Pw = MUL ( WorldXf, Po );
    OUT.HPosition = MUL( WvpXf, Po );     
    OUT.Position.xy = IN.UV; // store (s,t) in TEXCOORD
    OUT.Position.zw = OUT.HPosition.zw; // store depth and w-value in TEXCOORD

    return OUT;

float4 DepthViewPixelShader( DepthVertexOutput IN ) : COLOR 
		// Do parallax occlusion mapping, compute new depth
    float3	view = normalize( IN.Eye );
    float3	texCoord = traceUnroll( IN.Position.xy, view );    

		// this is all POM stuff and not my actual problem
    float dist = length(float3(1.0,1.0,depthRange)
                        *(float3(IN.Position.xy,1.0) - texCoord))
               * 0.5*(length(ddx(IN.Position.xy))+length(ddy(IN.Position.xy)))
               * SHADOW_SIZE;    
    IN.Position.z -= dist;
    // red+green = (s,t), blue = z / w, alpha = 1 / w
    return float4( texCoord.xy, IN.Position.z / IN.Position.w, 1.0 / IN.Position.w );


float4 DeferredPixelShader( vertexOutput IN ) : COLOR
    float3 light = normalize( IN.LightVec );
    float3 view = normalize( IN.Eye );    
    float4 texCoord1 = MUL( matTexAdj, IN.Position );
    float4 texCoord2 = IN.LProj;    
    float4 viewPixel = tex2Dproj ( ColorShadSampler, texCoord1 );
     // 3D reconstruction  
    float4 per_pix = float4( IN.Position.x, IN.Position.y, viewPixel.b, 1.0 );
    per_pix /= viewPixel.w;
    float4 pos4d = MUL( WvpITXf, per_pix ); // multiply with inverse ViewProjection
    pos4d.xyz /= pos4d.w;
    pos4d = MUL( WorldXf, pos4d ); // point is now in object space: transform to world space again
    //float4 posL = MUL( LampViewXf, pos4d );
    float4 posL = MUL( ShadowViewProjXf, pos4d ); // transform reconstructed point to light space 
 		posL.xyz / posL.w; // this shall be the 3d position, BUT ISN'T :-(


here are two pics of what my code actually produces: thank you very much, Nick!

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