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What's wrong with this shader? Works only with DX10+8800

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Hi! Could anyone explain to me why does this shader require DX10 and/or an nVidia8800 to run?
texture2D vectorField;
sampler2D vectorSampler = sampler_state
	Texture = <vectorField>;
	MipFilter = POINT;
	MinFilter = POINT;
	MagFilter = POINT;
	AddressU = CLAMP;
	AddressV = CLAMP;		

struct vertexInput {
    float4 position		: POSITION;

struct vertexOutput {
    float4 position		: POSITION;
    float4 colour		: COLOR0;

float4x4 View : View;
float4x4 Projection : Projection;

float scale;
float4 pos;
float4 colour;

const float2 plusminus = float2(1,-1);

vertexOutput vsArrow(vertexInput IN) 
    vertexOutput OUT;
    float4 p = float4(0,0,0,1);
    float2 vect = tex2Dlod(vectorSampler, pos).xy;
    p.x = dot(IN.position.xy, vect*plusminus);
    p.y = dot(IN.position.xy, vect.yx);
    p *= scale;
    pos.xy = (pos.xy-float2(0.5,0.5))*plusminus;
    OUT.position = mul( p+pos, View);
    OUT.position = mul( OUT.position, Projection);
    OUT.colour = colour;

    return OUT;

It works as supposed with the config above. Produces empty screen on XP SP2 with nVidia6??? and 7????. The FX composer compiles it as a valid VS_3_0 vertex shader. Any ideas? shinjin

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Well, you are doing a vertex shader texture lookup, which isn't supported on all cards. Check if the geforce6/7 cards you are using support that or not.

If they support it, then maybe check your texture creation flags? I seem to recall there being some restrictions on how the texture is created/stored. The 8800 might be letting you get away with this due to its unified shaders.

Now, I've never actually used vertex shader texture lookup before in dx9. I looked into it once, but, my card didn't support it at all.

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tex2Dlod is definitely works with VS_3_0, that's a mistake in the SDK docs.

In the meantime I've managed to figure it out: the used texture format (D3DFMT_A16B16G16R16F) is not supported as vertex texture on those cards, switching to D3DFMT_A32B32G32R32F solved the problem

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