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Feedback Request: Magic Farm

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Hello! Name: Magic Farm Genre: Arcade, Simulation, Adventure? Language: English Version: 1.004 Especially interested in feedback about first 10-15 minutes of gameplay. Also tutorial and hints feedback needed. You can download it here: Or here: Video inspired by game: Screenshot: Known bugs: Profiles saved in bad place on Vista...will be fixed in 1.005

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Indeed, nice graphics and sound, though the music can get abit repeditive. The initial comic seemed jumbled and was abit confusing, maybe having the screen black with each frame fading in so as to better lead the narrative.

Beating off the pests/watering/picking was engaging and pretty fun, would have been interesting to see what the next town involved. Overall i found it pretty enjoyable.

On the tutorial:
-The dialog text color on the help boxes is abit hard to read, try using a different color, like the gold from the conversation dialogs you have with villagers.

-Having a dialogue box telling the player to "close the prompt" and left click on the village seems redundant considering another simpler dialog box that doesn't require me to close it pop's up saying "click here" after it.

-The simple dialog boxes when you get on your farm like "buy water" could be more descriptive, the "buy water" button is pretty self-explanitory otherwise. If your going to add a dialog box to describe such functions, include more than simply repeating what the button says, like "Now that you've collected the days harvest, click here to sell it.", or "While tending to your garden, don't forget to buy more water for the next day.".

-The dialog explaining the garden is quite useful, though perhaps you could try a different phrase such as "plant seedling" rather than "plant the plant". That you can sell plants would be nice to know, since the sell button isn't always visible.

-It would be nice to have a description of what the day actually involves when starting a day, I was initially abit confused as to what was actually happening since it didn't seem i could do anything. A dialog box describing the "day timer" and what your supposed to do, IE: water plants, beat off pests, pick flowers, etc, when you first start a day would be nice. When the dialogs finally did pop up though when plants first bloom, watering plants, and on pests they were quite useful. An additional description of what effect the weather symbol has on your crops/farm (if any) would be nice, though there's no need to mention it if there is no effect.

-Its unneccessary to have the "click here to start a new day" green dialog box repeatly hovering over the "Start Day" button.

-The dialog on the newly available Boxes, Barrels, and plant beds were useful, though the extra dialog on buying transparent objects with the Well was pointless. If your going to tell the player that, do it at the beginning with the new plant plots and/or boxes & barrels. Given that the descriptions when buying Boxes/Barrels/Well is sufficient, notifying the player that he can purchase these things is good enough.

-A dialog box explaining that i gain experience and have skills (and a way of viewing those skills) would have been nice when first going to the farm.

-There were additional skills being improved that weren't listed anywhere (such as for plants?), having a way to view these would also be nice.

-A dialog or description of what your "Dragon Helper" does/is would have been useful when going back to your farm. That you can level up its skills as well as your own also would have been nice to know.

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New version v1.007 is available.

You can take it here:

Shadows added to the all plants
Loading progress changed.
Quest items counter added.
Changed background grass on the second farm.
Fixed fullscreen cursor bug.
Fixed level up bug
Fixed texts.

p.s. I and Amanda have worked things out. She is great person.

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