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To The World Tree V5 (Beta) - Single-player RPG

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Hi all, To The World Tree is a game I put together for the IGF competition based on the engine I've been working on for the past year. It didn't do well in the IGF (not a finalist or anything), but I've been having fun working on it, so I've made another update. This version rips out the old Windows-looking user-interface and replaces it with a slick new Direct3D integrated user-interface. I really want feedback! People are downloading the game, but I've hardly heard anything. Please, even just a short mail on how much you played and whether you liked it would be appreciated. Website: http://www.prankster.com/ttwt To The World Tree Screenshot PR Blurb In To the World Tree you control first a lone adventurer, and later a party of adventurers, as they journey through a mystical world of magic, battle, and mystery, in a quest for the legendary World Tree. To the World Tree is a single-player, party-based, computer role-playing game designed for computers running Microsoft Windows. Best of all, To The World Tree is free for your personal enjoyment. More Info TTWT uses a custom RPG system, described in the manual (the manual is online at the TTWT site, as well as included with the game). The graphics are done using a custom engine, basically using D3DX as the engine. The writing, art, and level design are all done by me. I'm interested both in bug reports and feedback on TTWT, and thoughts on the longer term viability of making a commercial/shareware game with this engine. Candid thoughts such as "You really should hire an artist" or "Don't quit the day job" are certainly welcome in addition to the traditional "Nice work". Feel free to post feedback here or at the forums on the website http://www.prankster.com/ttwt, or even just email right to me at ttwt@prankster.com. If you played an earlier version, you can see a list of the changes in my blog post: http://www.prankster.com/ttwt/blog.htm#2008_02_14. Thanks, Geoff

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