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MaxScript: Getting the diffuse texture of each face

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-- Faces
if Mesh.NumFaces > 0 then
    for i = 1 to Mesh.numFaces do
	verts  = GetFace       Mesh i
	tvert  = GetTVFace     Mesh i
	normal = GetFaceNormal Mesh i
	append FacesX (verts.x as integer-1) 
	append FacesY (verts.y as integer-1) 
	append FacesZ (verts.z as integer-1) 
	append FacesNX (normal.x as Float)
	append FacesNY (normal.y as Float) 
	append FacesNZ (normal.z as Float)
	append FacesTX (tvert.x as integer-1) 
	append FacesTY (tvert.y as integer-1) 
	append FacesTZ (tvert.z as integer-1)

Thers my code for getting the vertices, texture vertices and normals but now how would i get the diffuse texture name for each face? Thanks

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