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Fragment shader if statement

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I have a simple if statement in my fragment shader to determine if something should be done or not:
uniform float maxVal;
uniform float multiplier;
uniform bool useColorMap;
uniform sampler2D mainTexture;
uniform sampler1D lutTexture;
uniform sampler1D colorMapTexture;

void main()
	vec3 finalCol;
	float tmpColor;
	float color = vec3(texture2D(mainTexture, gl_TexCoord[0].st)).r * multiplier;

	if (useColorMap == true) {
		/* apply the window level LUT first ... */
		tmpColor = texture1D(lutTexture, color).r;
		/* ... then apply the LUT to each color channel */
		finalCol = vec3(texture1D(colorMapTexture, tmpColor));
		//finalCol = vec3(1.0,0.0,0.0);
	else {
		/* don't apply color map, so just use the color from above */
		finalCol = vec3(texture1D(lutTexture, color));

	gl_FragColor = vec4(finalCol, 1.0);
It works on an ATI card, but not an NVidia card! What might be going on here; bug in the driver, bad syntax for nvidia, etc? Shader Designed and 3D lab syntax checker both say the code is ok.

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This syntax actually implies a float register and it will use floating point compares:

if (useColorMap == true)
if (useColorMap == false)

if (useColorMap == 1.0f)
if (useColorMap == 0.0f)

If you wanted to use a boolean register, use this syntax instead:

if (useColorMap)
if (!useColorMap)

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Ah, thanks for the pointers! It turns out it was this statement in the main program:

glUniform1f(glGetUniformLocation(pWindow,"useColorMap"), mainVars->ColorMap_useColor());

Should be glUniform1i... not f.

Your comments on floating point comparisons made me think to go back and look at the program code and see exactly what value/type was passed to the shader.

I should also clarify, the statement "if (colorMap == true) wasn't working" meant it was never evaluating to true. But you guys understood that :)

Thanks for the help!

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