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PerfHUD 5.2 problems

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Hopefully this is the right place for this thread. Hi, I am running XP with a 7950 GX2 machine and trying to get PerfHUD 5.2 working with a windowed application. The app currently does not render anything just presents a blue backbuffer as i wanted to get PerfHUD up and running first. I have tried starting my built app through perfHUD both as release and debug builds. I am currently running the GX2 in dualview mode as i am using two monitors so each graphics card is used independently for each monitor. When i run the app through perfHUD the window appears and displays fine but i do not see perfHUD. I have ruled out not having the instrumented driver as the demo supplied with PerfHUD works fine. I have also checked and rechecked my perfhud enabling code and that seems to be correct. Also tried switching to a single monitor, and SLi'ing the GPU and that didn't help the only thing left for me to try is to render something out and hope that will trigger PerfHUD to start???? if anyone has any other suggestions let me know as i am running out of ideas.

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