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Need help: object-rotation arcball under camera transforms

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I have an arcball implementation that accumulates rotations as quaternions, and I extract a matrix to apply the transform to the object. That part works fine. However, the arcball needs the click and current drag points. For testing, I was just using a map-to-sphere based on what I found on the web (w and h are half screen width and height:
bool Arcball::MapToSphere(int const mx, int const my, Float3 &res)
	float const tx(static_cast<float>(mx - w) * ir), ty(static_cast<float>(my - h) * ir);
	float tmp(tx * tx + ty * ty);
	if (tmp > 1.0f) return false;
	res.x = tx;
	res.y = ty;
	res.z = std::sqrtf(1.0f - tmp);
	return true;
This assumes an arcball that is screen-sized and centered. I can use offsets to center it on the object's center, and reduce the size to match a handle on the object, and that works from the default camera view along Z. However, if there's any camera movement, the rotation is messed up. I can provide the click point as gluUnproject minus object center. However, I don't know how to provide the current drag point, since that has to be determined from a virtual sphere around the object, and I can't use gluUnproject since I don't know what the depth would be. How do I do this?

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Never mind, I managed to figure out a way. I used two gluUnproject calls to get two points for a ray, and then sphere intersection centered on the object center.

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