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Why isnt this working?

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I have code for an already finished homework assignment that im adding some embellishments to, namely some extra error correction. Its a tic tac toe game and I discovered that you can accidentally rewrite over someone elses X or O. I thought the error correction would be easy, boy was I wrong. Here is the error correcting method:
[source lang = "cpp"]
void TicTacToe::spaceCheck(int row, int column, bool &spaceAvailable)
	if(theBoard[row][column] == ' ')
		spaceAvailable = true;

		cout<<"\nThat space is already taken!\n";
		spaceAvailable = false;

That is the method that checks to see if the space is available. Here is the method that calls it.
[source lang = "cpp"]
void TicTacToe::playOneGame(void)
	bool spaceAvailable = NULL;
	char currentPlayer  = 'O';
	char theWinner      = ' ';
	const int MaxMoves  = 9;
	int row             = 0;
	int column          = 0;
	int numberOfMoves   = 0;  //keeps track of number of moves, max is 9

			cout<<"\nPlayer "<<currentPlayer<<endl;
			playerInput(row, "row");
			playerInput(column, "column");
			spaceCheck(row,column, spaceAvailable);
		}while(spaceAvailable != true);

		postMove(row-1,column-1,currentPlayer); //post the move to the board
		theWinner = determineWinner(); //see if anyone won the game
		numberOfMoves++; //keep track of the number of moves
	}while((theWinner == 'D') && (numberOfMoves < MaxMoves));

	showBoard(); //shows the ending board

I dont understand why my spaceCheck method isnt catching the error. It looks correct to me but obviously it isnt : /

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You have:
But you don't subtract 1 from the row and column when calling spaceCheck(). Is that intentional?

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