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Forumwarz: A RPG about Internet Culture

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Hi guys, I'm writing this to let you know that I've recently launched Forumwarz, a browser based RPG game based on Internet culture. We have a very small dev team, and it has taken over a year of development and a 3 month beta test to get to this point. I'm really interested in your feedback! Play Forumwarz Here's a write up about us in Digital Journal: Magazine write up Here's the basic premise: Forumwarz is a parody of traditional RPG games. Instead of playing as a warrior or thief in a fantasy world, you assume the stereotype of an Internet user and battle on fake Internet forums. Here's what a forum might look like. Notice the toolbar of attacks at the bottom: There's also a complex single player storyline tying the whole thing together. You communicate with many NPCs using a conversation tree in an instant messenger interface:

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