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The Forgotten Realm

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--> <-- A calm day in the woods is shattered by a herd of people running by. One young man quickly stops and waddles over to a stump, sits down and faces the audiance. "Hi. My name is Jon Smith. I'd like to humbly point out that Web Game Central has just added a new Role play section, called 'The Forgotten Realm'. On your way in you will see the Gate House. Here you can visit the Oracle to see if your ready to Role play. To learn how to Role play, you can Visit the Tavern of Masters. There experienced Role players can help you on your adventures. When you think you have a grasp on Role playing, come join us in the Void of Power, or The Land Beyond. Here you can join one of the many adventures as well as interact with other travellers." The young man stood up and started to turn around. "See you in the Void." He quickly disappeared out of sight. ***************************** You can find our role playing area - The Forgotten Realm - on the forum index

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