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[.net] RichTextBox Drag-Drop Text File

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I tried to drag and drop text file from explorer to richTextBox. I have set the EnableAutoDragDrop property to True. Is it true that there is no DragEnter and DragDrop events in a richTextBox? I've looked at it but I could not found it. But it is strange, because when I tried to drag .h file, it only show the file icon NOT ITS CONTENT, then I try text file, and it was the same result. So did with JPEG files. Does richTextBox cannot handle drag-drop from explorer directly? So the text file must be opened first on wordPad and selecting the desired text to be dropped? How to make explorer drag-drop enabled? I only need to drag and drop plain text file. Thank you very much. [Edited by - chrisliando on February 18, 2008 10:10:51 PM]

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