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[web] SSL Encryption Size increase

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SaurabhTorne    499
Well I was checking the SSL page download time. How much does the size of a web page with no images will increase during actual SSL encryption. And same for the Images. Thanks. What is the efficiency of the SSL with respect to size and speed of transaction. --Saurabh

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markr    1692
I think it varies depending on the client and server implementations. You may want to get a packet logger on the case (for traffic to/from your lab test box) to guestimate it.

I'm pretty sure it will depend on the cipher (especially block size) and other factors.

Remember that an SSL handshake is a lot more complicated than a normal TCP handshake, so on most (smallish) web pages that might make a lot more difference than any increase in size.

Any size increase should diminish as the files get larger - a big file should have only small overheads.


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