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Hi all, I have a scene made with 3D tiles (2D playability). At this time I would like to have some enemies running moving throught the map (By now it is only 1 screen). I want them to jump, walk and when seeing the player shot and make the other know about the player presence. I know I could use the tiling information to know where my enemies should jump (if they see there's no tile in their next step, or checking if they can jump to an upper level). But a question comes to my mind when thinking how peopple do this in a map without tiles. My first aproach has been raycasting. Is this all you use to scan a non tiled map?. By the way, to not make my enemies move without any sense, I have thought to use some kind of way points, to make them "patrol". What do you think? Thanks in advance, HexDump. [Edited by - HexDump on February 19, 2008 10:28:39 AM]

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