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3ds max, 3ds format, lib3ds

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I have a little problem with 3ds max... I'm using lib3ds to load the objects, and animate them in my opengl/c++ application. It works if I am rotating, translating or scaling the model. What i'm trying to do now is to use the bone structure. It is probably impossible throught lib3ds... but I've been reading about x-files and Directx3D. Is this extension better than 3ds? or maybe someone knows if it is possible to use lib3ds to load the bone structure. //edited: I have next problem - about animation. I have two layers of animation. One has 100 frames, and second 150 frames. I want the first one to run in a loop mode, and the other in a normal mode. I really don't know how to do that. [Edited by - renegat on February 19, 2008 12:13:16 PM]

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