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Primary Thousand Parsec client version 0.3.0 released!

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It's been a long time since the last release of the primary client for playing Thousand Parsec games. Now, the wait is finally over and it was well worth it. Large parts of the client have drastically changed. If you downloaded a previous release and didn't like it, please give this new release a try! (For those who don't know, Thousand Parsec is a framework for building classic turn based 4x games like Stars!, VGA Planets or Master of Orion. It is designed so that each server can have it's own ruleset without any changes to the clients. IE A server could have Star Wars ruleset, while another one could be a Star Trek ruleset, and you can use the same client to connect to both!) In the version 0.3.0 you will find a lot of new features, such as:
  • Finding servers is now easy! With support for the metaserver protocol the client can get (and display) lists of both remote and local servers.
  • The user interface has been rewritten so that it now uses the wxWidgets AUI interface (like found in Microsoft Visual Studio IDE) and takes advantage of XRC (an XML-based resource system).
  • The client now supports internationalization (under Windows and Linux) and has been translated to Slovenian.
  • Downloading the universe is significantly faster, less likely to get stuck and more informative.
  • The star map has been drastically changed and you can now,
    • Choose how objects are coloured, either on a per player basis or on own versus enemy basis.
    • See the resources availability using the resource pie-chart overlay.
    • Quickly see what is in a star system with new information pop-ups for objects.
    • Issue move orders painlessly with a new waypoint mode and context menu for quickly issuing single orders.
    • Use shortcuts to manipulate the star map using the keyboard.
  • The interface has been drastically improved on long latency links through the ability to see the pending status of orders. The client now works correctly when there are many outstanding changes of any type.
  • You can now filter the systems panel to quickly find the objects you are looking for.
  • You can easily find objects which are idle with new "Object without Orders" window.
  • Quickly changing orders is now much easier with the addition of keyboard shortcuts for order manipulation.
Of course there are thousands of bugfixes, support for easy Debian packaging, better integration on Mac OS X and loads more! Download of sources and binaries are available from this web site. I would like to thank Nathan Partlan who has been extremely helpful and is responsible for a number of these new features. Jure Repinc for putting up with the constant headache of translation and helping prepare these release notes. All the people who tested the client and those who put up with the stable client while the development version was being developed.

Oh, and BTW - It's all Open Source!

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