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fxc bug?

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I've got some vertex shader code from ATI's rendermonkey program that I'm trying to tweak for an experiment. If I compile it on the command line via: fxc /T vs_2_0 /Od /Cc /Zi /E main shader.vsh The output is as expected. I make one change by inserting a dummy operation and get radically different code. The reason it seems is that the compiler is optimizing out a bunch of stuff, since, this stupid operation would effectively override the previous operations and they'd be useless. But I'm specifying DISABLE OPTIMIZATIONS on the command line.....I would expect that that'd not optimize anything. It's a long explanation why I'm trying to do this operation but basically it's for debugging via PIX. Anyways, what's up with /Od not seeming to have any effect? I tried it with /O0, same thing. Furthermore, if I compile the code in my C++ files via D3DXCompileShaderFromFile, and use the flags D3DXSHADER_DEBUG | D3DXSHADER_SKIPOPTIMIZATION, the same thing happens: it still optimizes the code. How the heck can I get my shader to compile verbatim, unoptimized??? Thanks for the help, this is driving me insane. PS I'm using DX SDK August 2007 but I tried it with the latest, Nov. 2007 and the same thing happens.

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