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Quake Engines

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I highly doubt ID would have spent any time writing tutorials on their engines, it's already generous enough of them to GPL them.

You'll probably have better chances of finding support if you use one of the existing modified quake engines, such as ioquake3 for Q3, Qfusion for Q2 or DarkPlaces for Q1.

Also, the modding scenes for the quake games will have lots of tutorials designed for a modding perspective, which will probably be of use to you if you don't actually want to edit the engine itself (and just want to make a game using it).

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Original post by abhi_shekv
Cool thanks for the link cignox1.... But is that link specific for making mods only on quake 3? because I am interested in making a whole different application using the Quake 3 source code.....

I never worked with quake 3 engine, and honestly I don't even know what exactly that site covers, but I thought that mod examples and tutorials could help you in your way into the source.
That said, I highly suggest you to consider the use of other engines: not only they are actively updated (that means more features and fixes are added) but they are also aligned with todays hardware (mainly shaders support).
Some of them also provide scene management, sound and network. Not to say that there is a lot of documentation and that they probably are better suited for tasks different from what the Q3 engine was originally designed for...

If you want to give a look at different engines, Devmaster site offers an extensive list of available ones, with an overview of the key features.

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